Counterframes Protek saving and furnishing

Counterframes Protek saving and furnishingProtek, with their patented solutions, aims to provide an answer to every need of space and furnishing. With Bigfoot® the subframe becomes a practical and intelligent container on the one hand and, on the other hand, slide a classic sliding door. With Linear®, however, Protek highlights the forms of design, making the protagonist of the door aesthetic.

In the house, you know, space is never enough and often is even wasted unnecessarily, for example using traditional doors. Instead as if they could earn by replacing, for example, the classic swing door with a sliding foldaway! In one type – apartment with entrance hall, kitchen, living room, two bedrooms and a bathroom – using Protek® subframes for sliding doors can save roughly 7.2 square meters of space. But not only. The Protek® solutions also allow you to make room where there was, without neglecting the furnishing requirements. One example Bigfoot®, the innovative counter with container that can stay on the inside, on the one hand, a standard door panel and on the other, a pantry, a shoe rack or closet, that they are entirely in the wall when closed . Bigfoot thus allows to exploit, such as container, also the wall which usually serves only as an abutment element and closing a sliding door, thus providing an answer to the most common problems of space.

Coupled to a standard subframe for the sliding of a wooden door panel or glass, Bigfoot® can be transformed, for example, in the new dispensation for the kitchen. Bigfoot® America, in single or double version, allows you to insert a popup box in the wall, without having to share two rooms with a sliding door. It’s perfect for the library or walk-in closets. Bigfoot® Openspace, with fully recessed in the ceiling guides and free of contact upright, is a frame container that allows you to get into the wall a pantry, a bookshelf or closet, which completely disappear into the wall when closed.

The combination of Bigfoot® with subframes of Magic Box® series – Elektro, Hydra and Domotika – allows additional applications.

The common sliding doors do not always allow the insertion of cables or of installations and alternatives that are produced are often impractical. With Magic Box® Elektro you can enter switches, electrical outlets, video, thermostat and any other electrical device on the entire height of the subframe, for up to 20 light dots on each side. It also allows the sliding of a timber door or in the standard glass thickness.

Magic Box ® Hydra responds to the needs of those who, in a small space, must enter a pocket door and at the same time the hydro-water-heating systems. Inside the Magic Box ® Hydra subframe structure are in fact pre-assembled housings insulated piping. This model can be combined with a standard wooden panel or glass.

Magic Box® Domotika sum all the practicality and functionality of the subframes of the series Magic Box® Elektro and Hydra, because they are already pre-assembled on both sides of the same subframe, the pipes for electrical wiring and hydro-water-heating systems, ducted and isolated.

For those who want a more “basic design”, in line with the latest trends proposed by architects and interior designers, there is Linear, the space-saving counter, without any door post and finishing at sight. All this is made possible by a particular system that is “climb the door” beyond the upper edge of the subframe. Result: the door is enhanced in its aesthetic, or, on the contrary, the panel can completely blend in with the wall. The subframe is available for plaster and plasterboard walls, for single and double leaf.

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