Causes of excessive vaginal discharge

Maintain the cleanliness of sex organs is to be done by every woman. Cleanliness would be the sex organs is important to always be on guard as an effort to maintain the PH balance of the female organs and avoid the risk of diseases that lurk reproductive organs. Actually whiteness serves to maintain the pH balance of the vagina organ but it all if the discharge is normal but if the number of excessive cara mengatasi keputihan secara alami or even causes a lot less comfortable for a woman to perform activities and this is also a sign that abnormal discharge or already have problems. Here are some of the causes of excessive vaginal discharge:
Causes of excessive vaginal discharge
Causes of excessive vaginal discharge

1. The menstrual cycle
Usually you must know the time-the time when you menstuasi, well if it is almost time menstuasi amount of vaginal discharge that comes out more and more. It is normal due to hormonal changes that occur changes in vaginal pH causes the release of a lot of vaginal discharge.

2. The bacteria in the vagina
The bacteria in the vagina is due tertularna venereal disease through sexual intercourse it is one of the strongest causes of excessive vaginal discharge with a pungent odor. If that happens, you have to worry about and immediately consult a doctor.

3. Cervical cancer
Whitish excess is also an early symptom of uterine cancer. Whitish occurs after menopause is accompanied by abnormal bleeding that occurs in the vagina.

4. Cervical cancer
In addition to cervical cancer, excessive vaginal discharge accompanied by bleeding and a pungent odor is an early symptom of cervical cancer. These cancers arise from the workings of the immune system so that creates cancer.

The next question is then how to cope with the excessive vaginal discharge? Here are some ways to overcome excessive vaginal discharge

1. Betel leaves and white meeting
The trick boil betel leaves and white meeting until boiling. Then drink once a week in a row.

2. Betel leaf alone
It is very easy to pose your 10-15 betel leaves, wash and boil until boiling. Boiled water betel leaves you can use to wash the vagina. Betel leaf has many benefits remedy vaginal one of them as killers of bacteria, eliminating odors and make the vagina becomes tight.

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