Bathroom context

Bathroom contextOur permanent collaborator, designer Jasna Opavska, this time took to the finery flat for labor vytíženého young man. And because the new building began to arrange early enough, you could really let go into the interior of a foundation – not from the floor but also the walls and walls. In short, from the disposition. From the layout changes in a small apartment benefited all the rooms, but most probably suite – got a extra one square meter, and even as establish good relations with bedroom.

In a two-bedroom apartment should be after its completion to move the young man. And because labor is really busy and at the same time enjoy their elegance – not only in dress but also in housing, interior furnishing entrusted designérce. Clearly, however, plan view of the future apartment seemed too, and so did not stay only in thinking about furniture layout and color selection. The landlord has agreed to extensive editing.


“The original project was a kitchen separated by a partition from the living room, so it was not natural lighting, the entrance hall and the bedroom was a corridor, from which led into the bedroom and into the bathroom,” describes the features of the original two-room apartment Jasna. “I thought it was wasted space, and I did not like that, so there have been many dark corners.” Especially in a small apartment hallways and passageways really unreasonable waste of space, so it Jasna surgically rid of appendices – remove the partition between the kitchen and living room, which indulged potential chefs daylight and living room more air corridor next to the bathroom affiliated to the bathroom, making small room widened substantially. “Linking the bathroom and bedroom is modern today, according to me it is not just a short-term fashionable. For it is really practical, comfortable and natural connection. I personally recommend such a solution is always to consider, whenever possible, “says Jasna. Through bathrooms were previously relatively unpopular solution, however, if the bathroom is large enough, and if this shortcut used by only one person can be very pleasant.

Minor changes to improve the layout of the apartment – kitchen got natural lighting, bathroom larger dimensions, eliminate unnecessary corridors in such a small apartment really have no place. “To me it is very nice when it is in a small apartment bathroom accessible from the hall and from the bedroom,” says the designer Jasna Opavska.


Base colors in men’s style gave the bathroom floor – the landlord was quite clear that he wants to have throughout the apartment dark laminate. And when the entire apartment, so why not in your bathroom? Same color of the floor did support the impression of uniformity of space, to which Jasna already facing changes in plan. Jasna thus remained faithful to dark brown on the bathroom floor, but instead of laminate reached for good pavement: “When arranging the bathroom, I relied on tiles that were used on the floor and on the walls. This series contains some pleasant colors that combine well, and also multiple formats in a single module and mosaic, so it works really well. So I started saving plan, tile, color combinations and sizes. Along with the placement of fixtures and furniture that came from my division and dimensions niches that the bathroom very fond of using. Paneled niches because they are practical as well as aesthetic swap land that’s always handy. Implementation in this case is a bit different from the proposal, but that’s how it goes sometimes. The practice sometimes brings unexpected problems that must be resolved by compromise, “he adds with a sigh designer.

Another important element that contributes significantly to the appearance of the bathroom, the sanitary ware: Jasna chose the series, which is characterized by rounded shapes – its designer was inspired by the egg. “Rounded pieces of ceramics has been tempered by edginess as niches and tile, creating a pleasant contrast with all the exact rectangular shapes. Bring to markedly masculine bathroom a little feminine grace, “he explains. The interestingly shaped washbasins Jasna has not chosen classic furniture under the sink, but a tall slender cabinet: “It is a continuation of the post, which separates the basin of the toilet with a bidet. And it is comfortable practical storage space. In open niches that may not be anything disturbing, just decorative items. “

The original proposal contained a large bathroom with tub layout resembling a frustum of a circle whose continuation was indicated in the niches. This original feature, although the landlord appealed, however, preferred to rather more pragmatic approach – daily showers, so he picked shower. Because the bathroom is large enough, you could enjoy a spacious, with an attractive shape design and many practical advantages.


On the bathroom followed bedroom, which, like the bathroom, characterized by pronounced masculine features softened with feminine hand. “The bedroom is tiny and decorated very simply,” says Jasna on the threshold of the bathroom door. “Yet here will be added at a shallow closet wall to us but not delivered yet. Because this room is indeed small, it must be made to measure. It will be only 45 cm deep, which to store most things suffice; hangers will be elsewhere. Main storage space – large wardrobe – in the hallway and one man is enough. Instead of saving and sliding doors. “

As throughout the apartment, there has also been decided on the floor – should be considerably dark brown. The dark laminate parquet chose bright light cream wallpaper with floral pattern “Wallpaper is currently back in style, and they are really very good selection. In addition, they were starting color for the whole room, it’s a decently soft element – men of color and pattern to it. Patterns and structures, which in this bedroom appear on the wallpaper and furniture are themselves rather female element, in this case, however, are nearly neutrally – are typically male, but not significantly female. “

Design visualization bedroom. The small room is furnished very simply – bed, bedside tables and a wardrobe against the wall. Shallow closet just a small room must be made to measure, instead of saving and sliding doors.

Subtle color of the wallpaper is repeated in the windows. Jasna have used trendy Japanese walls: “Men usually do not like frilly curtains, but the windows must be something to cover up that softened the light and make the room not given rise blankly. Japanese walls are a male choice – are simple, decent shade and decoration. “

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