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The olives came into known existence some 6000 years ago as per the ancient scriptures and since then are being used for variety of activities with regards to the human consumption.

The same very way skin is also taken care of since ages by the women folk applying one thing or the other. With every passing day human are improvising its use in one way or the other. The olive oil is very commonly used edible and besides it has surprising effects on the dry skin.

Olive oil

To treat dry skin there is no better moisturizer than the olive oil. Tracing back, the use of olive oil as a cosmetic is found even in biblical era. The Egyptians found it to be the best herbal product to keep their skins young and agile.

As of present era people do use the olive oil as cosmetic but they do not use it pure instead they use scented cosmetics having the touch of olive oil. This happens because of the reason that direct application leaves a greasy odorous film over the skin which is normally not felt well.

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Endless Benefits With Olive Oil – cream hn

The olive oil has endless benefits for a dry skin. Its capabilities are moisturizing, toning and soothing the skin. It re-vitalizes the lost skin. It helps speedy healing of injured skin. Overall olive oil is the best product for skin care if used sensibly and timely.

There are a lot many cosmetics which use olive oil as an ingredient and that includes lotions, creams, shampoos, conditioners, body tonners and bath oils etc.

Olive oil being a natural anti-oxidant and rich in vitamin E carry tremendous health benefits besides being best for the dry skins.

Below would be mentioned a few cosmetics which carry olive oil as an ingredient along with their effects on the skin :

  1. Conditioners and the Shampoos: in the market one can find a number of shampoos and conditioners having olive oil as major ingredient. Besides taking care of the dry skin at scalp they do repair and restore the damaged hair. The best thing about them is that they do not leave any oily residues.
  2. To take care of extreme dry scalp one can explore the market to find out intense conditioners. Apply them and remain your scalp covered for around fifteen minutes and then wash it with warm water. The results would be beyond expectations.
  3. Getting rid of patches of dry skin one should ask for “body butter” which is an intense moisturizer in its nature and works far better than the regular lotions. It is advised to apply it before you enter into your bed to allow it requisite time to treat the dead patches of your skin. One can find scented body butter whose aroma will have a soothing effect too. cream hn
  4. Bath oils: aromatic bath oils having olive oil as part of them gives your skin a healthy treatment after a hectic day out. They may leave your skin a bit greasy so approved way of its application is to use it for bathing before going to bed at night.

The olive oil if applied directly to the skin has better prospects for your skin than to be used as part of some cosmetic. To avoid its greasy film and the smell it is advised that any kind of olive oil application should be made at night before entering into the bed.

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