Activity Mat for Baby

Importance of Gyms and Playmats Baby

Although baby gyms and playmats are not absolutely essential, they are beneficial because they provide a baby with entertainment, “tummy time” and stimulation. A baby spending time face down can help your physical, sensory stimulation while external help with brain development.

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Rewarding for babies and parents

Entertainment provided by playmats and gyms is not only enjoyable for babies, but makes it easier for parents and caregivers live well. Often babies are fussy due to boredom, which can be a source of stress for caregivers. Most parents welcome short breaks that playmats and gyms offer while they can see your baby play with joy, without being the only actors.

Types and Benefits

Some mats are designed specifically to be used with a baby exclusively on her belly. These rugs are well padded and include toys on the carpet itself. Other tapestries game, often referred to as baby gyms, have flexible pieces that intersect at the top, plug in the four corners of the table and create a dome shape where toys hang. Often toys are interactive. For example, some may play music when he got the baby. Bright colors canvas, toys and music provide mental stimulation for baby brain development.


Putting a baby on a play mat or gym is significantly cleaner than simply left lying on the bare ground. This is a particularly important aspect, because children generally have more underdeveloped than in adults immune systems. Most gyms playmats and fold compactly for travel and can easily fit into a standard car trunk. So even in an unfamiliar, like a friend’s house or a hotel, place the baby will always have a clean and safe place to play.

Physical and Mental stimulation

Playmats and gyms allow the baby to roll around and move freely compared to other baby equipment such as swings and bouncers. This helps strengthen your body and build muscle. When tummy time allowed, babies strengthen their upper bodies using your arms to push themselves off the mat. When grab, kick and try to reach the hanging toys, are further developing their hand-eye coordination. Hanging toys, music and bright colors give the baby sensory stimulation and aid in their mental development. According to The Center for Effective Parenting, nothing is more important in helping the development of a child stimulation.


If a parent decides to buy a mat or gym for your baby should remember some basic safety guidelines and use. Although the playmat or gym can give parents time with their hands, they must still use their eyes. Babies should never be left unattended while using a play mat or gym. It is also important that the product is used on floors only and never higher areas such as tables or beds. Parents should note that babies can become stimulated, so you should limit the playmat and gym use, allowing the baby to continue playing only while he seems content and interested.

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