85 square meters a three-room apartment with a distinct personality

85 square meters a three-room apartment with a distinct personalityThe house of 85 square meters has been transformed without masonry: all the originality of the project lies in the decorative choices “Professional” and realizations.

To profoundly change the look and leaving unchanged the space perception the facility, the apartment has been transformed by playing on strong color combinations which help to give identity to different environments. The colors on the walls emphasize the natural brightness and textile coatings visually change the heights or depths, even with trompe-l’oeil effects, emphasizing contemporary furnishing, with some concession to a classic revisited and updated.

In the living room conversation area occupies a corner illuminated by French windows on two sides. Gray, white, green and blue are the colors that alternate in the room: on the walls the effect plays on the contrast between the geometric rigor of the softness striped upholstery and curtains that fall to the ground. The sofa, complete with furniture cushions, is a corner model, fitted and removable; beside two white laminated tables of different heights. The style of the environment is complex in its fresh, youthful and contemporary. Corner sofa: Brick by Gervasoni Tables: Mixit Desalto (42 or 54 cm, VAT excl. € 337)

The open living area is characterized by the pattern of vertical bands white and acid green that wrap around the room on all four sides. The kitchen is open to view, however, it separates from the dining area through central multifunction island. The dining area, in the middle of the living room is furnished with an oval table with glass top and frame in aluminum painted steel; They have been matched habillé chairs that reflect the tone of the walls. The area is illuminated by a central suspension with white polyethylene shade. Extending table: More Desalto (180 cm, with Tax 2,765 euro). Chairs: Ghost 23 Gervasoni (in the basic version 299 euro). Lamp: Amax FontanaArte (32 cm, 357 EUR)

The kitchen is made up of two distinct blocks, united by finishing in matt white lacquered. The central element integrates on one side the cooking and washing areas, the other the snack counter. Wall Nell’armadiatura are encased columns refrigerator and oven. cooking show: B1 Bulthaup Stools: Wok Desalto (VAT excl. € 310)

In the master bedroom a Scottish wallpaper in shades of blue, surrounded by a frame made of painted wood, framing the portion of the wall behind the bed. The room opens onto a small balcony with panoramic view of an old church. The textile bed is covered with a gray removable fabric, a color that is consistent with that of the resin floor. The neutral tone emphasizes the paper colored wallpaper and matching bed linen. The wooden tables are produced in Asia, while the carpet made of patchwork technique is turkish. Read: Brick 80 Gervasoni (1,661 euro) Table Lamp: Luceplan Costanza (the basic version, 271 EUR)

In the bathroom, lit by a window on the back wall, the spaces were organized to take advantage of the two long sides of the room. Cabinet with washbasin square shape support is an outstanding model that does not interrupt the continuity of the resin floor and does not weigh the environment; is completed by wall units mirrored wall. Very light in texture, even the towel freestanding staircase was built on a design in the same light finish. On the wall opposite the sink they are installed instead of the health and the shower stall.

In the kids room angle studio tapestry reproduces a series of multicolor British architectures. The shades of the room are electric blue and green. Read: Ghost Gervasoni Desk and hanging bookcase: Helsinki and Booxx Desalto (VAT excl., 961 euro and 982 euro) Lamp: Knitterling by Ingo Maurer (basic version 195 EUR) Wardrobe: Lema

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