8 effective concentration exercises for children

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There are many small exercises that playfully promote concentration. The best we have compiled here:

♦ 1. Concentration exercise for kids: I pack my bag

Ahoy wanderlust! A creative way to aid concentration in children and improve the game “I’m packing my suitcase.”

For those who do not know Pondok Pesantren Modern kendal it: The first player says: “I pack my suitcase and take with me …” and names an object. The next player says again: “I pack my suitcase and take with me …”. He repeated the object of all the players in front of him and called a new object. This continues until one player can not remember all the items or the correct order. Tip: Good concentration exercise for long waits or car trips.

♦ 2. Concentration exercise for children: Wimmelbücher and error puzzles

Hidden Objects and troubleshooting are great to train your ability to concentrate. Finally, a great deal of patience and a keen eye are necessary to find small hidden objects or errors in an image.

Small puzzles in between are the perfect concentration exercise for children and fun – provided they are not a compulsion.

A great puzzle book is “The 1,000 debug fun book”. In the crazy world of the magician Zacharias Zauckerbein there are a lot of darn fault, to be discovered and guarantee Search fun.

Wimmelbücher there en masse. For example, the book “Search terms” from Ravensburger.

♦ 3. Concentration exercise for children: Tell me about your day – backwards!

Sounds silly, but it is not, but even very effective: If your child tells you the next time of his day, beat Just before time, to name the events backwards. To prevent this concentration exercise is like a normal game, do with it! Laughter is guaranteed.

♦ 4. Concentration exercise for children: include steps

we need as many steps well to home? This exercise is so simple and so effective! Because it requires maximum concentration to estimate and count how many you steps for a particular way needs. Very important: We must not be distracted! Tip: With several children, you can make a little competition therefrom.

♦ 5. Concentration exercise for children: Yoga for Children

Yoga helps adults and children to concentrate better, to calm down and relax. Whether at home or in a price parents can with their children perform exercises that enhance the well-being of the little ones and their attention. Children who do yoga, learn better to listen to their bodies.

For those interested, we recommend the book “Yoga Kids”.

♦ 6. concentration exercise for children: Noise Memory

Memory with a difference – in this version of the popular game you have to be very quiet and listen closely, because here no Picture, but sound-couples are sought.

DIY – here’s how:

You need multiple opaque vessels (film cans, cardboard boxes, plastic containers from surprise eggs) and various materials such as salt, rice, corn or sand.

Fill two containers with a material and close it well. Caution: Only fill up to half, so that the children can still shake tidy. Mark the mating receptacles on the bottom with a number or a color dot.

Now you can start: Mix the vessels well. As with the normal memory your child may now take two doses, shake and put aside. This must be noted that noise and see round after round the matching sounds – to all couples are complete.

♦ 7. Concentration exercise for children: Error Stories

In this exercise, it depends on the ears. A parent tells a story and builds secretly error one, as “a round corner” or “the purple banana ‘. Noticed your child a mistake, it may call out “error”. This game with several children enjoy the most.

♦ 8. Concentration exercise for children: swap first letter

Birdhouse, lemon tree, tennis ball – together words are great for a small concentration Exercise Game: Make up with your kids new, funny neologisms by swapping the first letter of each word: Hogelvaus, Bitronenzaum, Benni stable. Try it whenever you encounter such words in everyday life.

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