5 Tips for Choosing Safe Cosmetics Face

Cosmetics is one beauty tool that is often used by women, perhaps even can not be separated again from all the women in daily activities. But unfortunately there are some types of cosmetics that are harmful to the face and skin, that’s why today I’ll give you tips on choosing safe cosmetics. For those of you who are curious, distributor kosmetik ┬áplease keep these tips in choosing cosmetics as shown below.

Cara memilih kosmetik untuk kulit sensitif aman, cocok dan halal


  1. Choose a suitable

One of the tips on choosing safe cosmetics face is to select cosmetics that suit your skin type. If you’ve been matched with one of beauty products, then you should not need to replace it with another cosmetic. But we often affected with a friend or friends who have skin whiter and smoother. This should not you make a benchmark, because basically all cosmetics can fit on the facial skin.

  1. See Date and Time to Apply

The women often forget these tips are both of age often women are only hearing this cosmetic efficacy of any of the expiration date. The period of validity of cosmetics you should consider, because if you are to use a cosmetic product that has expired and there was a possibility can damage your skin.

  1. Note Seal And Packing

If you see the face of cosmetic products which seal was already broken, then you should replace it with another. Why should it be replaced? because in fear of facial cosmetics is already unusable, so if it is still in use, it can damage the face. Therefore, you should be careful – careful with suspicious products.


  1. Do not Easily Fooled Price

Prices can indeed cause many consumers to buy a product, including facial cosmetics. A lot of ladies are tempted by cheap prices is not it? do you know? He could have cosmetics in the offer is not a genuine product. Why ?because logically, there is no genuine products that are sold at a low price.

  1. Not Contain Hazardous Substances

Harmful substances in cosmetics face is like mercury, if any of these substances in face creams that could damage your beautiful face. for example like the face becomes red, blotchy or even worse than that, if they hesitate to use it then you can ask the doctor beauty.


Currently, there are all kinds of facial cosmetics circulating fake, therefore I suggest that you be careful – more careful in deciding what kind of cosmetics that pretty face still maintained and preserved.

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