5 Benefits of Tea Basi for Beauty and Health

In general, food or drink that has been stale is certainly not good when consumed. So is the tea that has been stale for settling overnight or more. But in this time the information you will soon find out some stale tea benefits for the treatment of female beauty. With the use of stale tea for maintenance activities, it could be a new alternative for you to be more able to save and also patterned natural life. It turns out the stale tea has been found that vitamin E which is good for skin health. Such as the type of tea that I have discussed previously, the benefits of green tea as well as the benefits of black tea  also has many benefits for the body.

Benefits of Tea Basi It is true that usually, food or drink that has been stale it will we waste. But wait, do not discard the tea that has been stale. As it turns out, that had stale tea has a myriad of benefits, especially for the beauty of skin and hair. As the author quotes from, the following is a review  teas stale which you may never know.

Benefits of Tea Basi


  1. Coping with hair loss
    often do not know if the hair dryer, the sun, and paint hair becomes a threat to the health of our hair. And finally the hair loss problem. If the treatment that we do not provide satisfactory results, perhaps this one way we can try is to use stale tea. Caranyapun quite easy, by rinsing our hair with stale tea while bathing. But first make sure that the tea is not mixed with sugar.
  2. Eliminate dandruff
    Tea stale is also useful to eliminate dandruff. The trick is to wash the head with a tea that has been stale chili massaging the scalp. After pervasive, let stand for a few minutes and then proceed with the shampoo as usual. Do it every day, and ketombepun will disappear from the scalp.
  3. Brighten the skin
    because it contains a lot of vitamin E, tea is very useful for skin health. Although tea has been stale, function to brighten the skin and maintain its elasticity is not lost. Usapkanlah teacup that has been allowed to stand overnight to advance. The tea dregs have the same functionality as scrub like to remove acne and blackheads, making the skin look brighter and radiant, and tighten facial skin and prevent skin aging. It should be noted, stale tea contains vitamin 508 times more than the lemon. It is advisable to do this every day for maximum results.
  4. Eliminate Acne
    Problems faces a scourge for teenagers. And usually, this makes the acne chaotic activity because we are embarrassed to go out for a face full of pimples. But still, there are natural ways to get rid of acne, one of them using a tea that has been stale. The trick is to attach bag of tea bags that have been soaked overnight over acne. Let stand for about ten minutes, then rinse with warm water. In order to obtain optimal results, do it this way three times a week.
  5. Eliminating the panda eyes
    too long in front of the monitor, staying up late, or maybe crying all night. Unwittingly, this habit makes us woke up with panda eyes alias. For women, this will reduce her beauty. Quiet, stale tea is also very useful to eliminate this panda eyes. It is very easy, dip your face into the water stale tea with my eyes open. after some time, the panda eyes will disappear and make the eyes look is becoming more evident. Besides these ways, we can use the other one. The trick is to use a bag of tea bags that have been stale as a compress. Put the tea bag into the fabric and do not forget to add a few ice cubes. Then place it over the eyes, and let stand for a few minutes. cold and substance of these teas will stop the inflammation.

That’s some stale tea benefits for health and beauty. Therefore, if you want to look healthy and beautiful does not have to be expensive, because using stale tea that we can easily meet can be used as a main ingredient health and beauty treatments.

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